Old musical comedy movie

I don’t remember much except that this movie has Jack Lemmon in it and that guy who played the Mayor in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon. I also remember a scene where a woman is trying to run away from someone who keeps showing up everywhere she runs to. And it’s in Technicolor, I think.

1) What is the name of that movie?

2) At which time interval (NOT the release date/year) does this scene concerning the whole running away take place during the movie?

PS: I must know ASAP for an important project soon.

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  1. I guess you want You Can’t Run Away From It (1956). Jim Backus was the Mayor in Pete’s Dragon. It would have been easier to look up if you mentioned the millionaire in Gilligan’s Island.

  2. I have no idea what you are refe4ing to. It is a remake of It Happened One Night with a few songs. I have seen the Lemmon version. June Allyson is a spoiled heiress who is running away to avoid getting married. Lemmon is a reporter. Maybe it is him early on she keeps running into? My memory of it isn’t great. I have no memory of Backus being in it.

    1. Time interval means for example: when you watch a 2 minute clip on YouTube, during the streaming and buffering of the video, you see the interval of the video moving along to reach 2 min. Then, you see a scene within that clip at say 1:30 (1min 30 sec). Any number is referred to as a time interval. Now, the movie seems to be 1 hr 34 min. At which time interval does the whole running away thing occur?

      1. If it is that important to you just watch the movie. You know now what the title is. It even has in the title she is running away.. Oh, I got the plot a little wrong. She already eloped. She is running away from her father..

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