Old movie- possibly 50s about marriage

Hello everyone,

So I remember randomly seeing this movie on Amazon instant a while ago and I don’t really want to watch it but not knowing the same is driving me crazy. So basically what i can remember is that its cover on Amazon wasn’t any pictures it was just text. I remember the basic premise of the movie being the main characters were a pretty young girl seeming like she was s senior in high school getting married to this guy who was like 5 years older than her and the whole movie was about like whether they were going to stay together. I know thervits blsck and white could be 50s or even late 40s. I know that their marriage is met with like mixed reactions from her peers because this one guy like won’t leave her alone and keeps following her and trying to cause problems in her marriage. And there are a couple scenes where he and the girl’s husband fight and I know the girl’s husband works in a nightclub too. In the end there’s like a climactic scene where the guy is chasing her and her husband saves her at the last minute and gets rid of the bad guy because of some like “high voltage” pulley. Thank you so much anyone that can let me know the name

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