Old movie I saw way back during the summer months of 1975

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I’m looking for the name of an old movie I saw way back during the summer months of 1975. It was set in the 1800’s a woman meets a man and she is a little more on the homely side. The two get along great, almost a couple, then the woman’s sister shows up all blond blue eyed and the man drops the woman for the blond and they end up getting married. The man is constantly bringing home to his blond wife jewels all the time. The woman who was dropped gets jealous and murders her sister on the sly and moves in on the man and they get married. The man doesn’t treat her the same as her sister. There was something about a key to the jewelry box.  She opens the box and chooses a necklace; the sister’s ghost comes and strangles the woman. The end. I was watching this on a weekend night and the movie stuck but not the name. I never saw it again. It was in color if that helps any.

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  1. I’m not sure about this. It definitely sounds like an adaptation of Henry James’ Romance of Certain Old Clothes, but the only adaptation of it I’m aware of is The Haunting of Julia which appeared just once late night on ABC’s Wide World of Mystery. During the corona virus UCLA streamed it and I saw it, but it is very low budget on videotape and has some differences from your description. The homely sister doesn’t kill the sister directly. She treats her like crap and says the husband’s first wife will kill her. It starred Susan Sarandon as the pretty sister. In the short story the object is clothes, but I think, not sure, in the film it was a necklace. The only way you can see this now is if you find someone who taped it or go to UCLA TV and Film Archives and request to see it. It originally aired in April of 1973.


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