old movie fairy tale, coins and dresses coming out from nuts

So it’s a movie that I saw when I was a child. I think it could be a movie from the 70′ or  80′ and a little bit in the same style than the movie “The princess bride”. It’s possible that this movie is even older because It might be in black and white or with very bad colours. I don’t think it was very famous also.

The story was about a girl, who was raised by two evil human-pig or kind of monster, who treat her very badly, like a slave (big possibility that her parent died and these monster-human-pigs took her when she was a child). She got help at some point by a fairy or something like that, because these pigs ask her for impossible task, like create a castle in one night. I remember she just fall asleep and when she wake up, the castle was made. At some point of the movie she received some magical nuts. One of them when she open it, give an endless amount of gold coins. And another nut was giving a lot of silk precious fabric, that she gave to the pigs in exchange to see a prince.

It’s sound like a typical grimm story. Anyone got any ideas which one this was? Thank you!

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  1. Think this is an Episode of Jim Henson’s Storyteller series.


    The True Bride

    Based on an early German folk tale The True Bride. A troll had a daughter, but she left straight off. So the troll took another girl to replace her to wait on him hand and foot. Her name is Anja and she has no father or mother, making the troll her only “family”. Setting her impossible tasks, then beating her with his “contradiction stick” when she invariably fails, the troll makes sure to make her life miserable, until she one day makes a wish. Her wish is heard by a wondrous white lion called the Thought Lion who completes her impossible tasks for her. When the troll asks her to build him a palace, the Lion build it for her, and the troll falls to his death in a bottomless room. Anja lives happily in the castle. When she finds her true love in a Prince, he disappears one day, so Anja sets out to find him. When she finally does, he turns out to be bewitched in the hands of the troll’s evil daughter the Trollop.

    This episode stars Jane Horrocks as Anja, Sean Bean as the Prince, Michael Kilgarriff as the voice of the Thought Lion, Alun Armstrong as the voice of the Troll, and Sandra Voe as the voice of the Trollop. The Thought Lion is operated by David Greenaway, Robert Tygner, and Mak Wilson while the Troll and Trollop are performed by Frederick Warder.

    The episode was directed by Peter Smith.

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