Movie about a futuristic(?) car and pregnant wife

Ok, please bear with me, I watched this movie when I was maybe about 9 years old (2004), I don’t remember much at all from the movie, I’m pretty sure it was in English and that it was an American movie, but I don’t remember any of the actors. I watched it on the tv but I’m pretty sure it was a movie (could’ve been a tv show though but I’m leaning more towards a movie), the movie was in color and I’d say it must’ve been released between 1990-2005.

Okay so what I remember from the movie is  a scene where this pregnant lady (I think she was the main characters wife) goes into labor. They take her to the hospital. I dont quite remember how the birth goes but I feel like it didn’t go well. At the end of the movie the main character (who’s sad), gets in his car and tells it to take him home (something along those lines, back then I was too young to know much English so this is just how my brain remembers the wording), I guess the car was futuristic for it to be able to receive commands like that in a movie i watched in the early 2000’s. So this man is expecting to arrive at his empty home but when the car gets there, much to the main characters surprise, his wife and son are there waiting for him.

And that’s the ending scene if I remember correctly. Hopefully someone recognizes the movie, sorry I couldn’t give more details:(

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