Old move about husbands and wives and affairs

I saw this movie on TV when I was about maybe five or six years old and I believe it was in black-and-white. The only thing I remember was a scene with women that work together and one of the women was having an affair with another woman’s husband. And in one of the scenes someone asked where (another woman) was last night and another woman replied she was with her boyfriend. Another woman called her a filthy liar and then attacks her. The one scene that kind of freaked me out at that age, was a wife was arguing with her husband and I guess he just gotten out of bed or was getting ready to go to bed had a robe on. She kept saying to him over and over that this other woman hit her. He paid her no mind so she takes out a pistol and shoots him in the back and killed her husband. That’s pretty much what I remember I’m curious if anybody knows what this movie is. My guess it was either late 1950s early 1960s.

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