Old lady says danger

I think the movie was 80s or early 90s roughly. I remember watching it on TV. Do not know if it was a made for the movie or not. All I really remember was a small group in a cave like area. They were all adults I’m pretty sure and an old lady/witch comes in and says dangerrr all funny like shaking her throat. I’m pretty sure it was a comedy spoof type movie.

4 thoughts on “Old lady says danger

  1. OMG I know this movie…I just can’t remember the name *headdesk* I’m sure it’s a Mel Brooks one tho??? Will have to do some searching (and brain poking) to try and remember it?

    1. I thought it was an Mel Brooks one to o. But nothing I researched matched. Maybe I missed something though

  2. Hi again, I was just watching “Dracula: Dead and Loving It” and in the first few minutes of the movie there is a group of people standing around trying to warn the guy not to go to the castle and a woman comes up and starts saying the vampires will drink his blood and she starts shaking her throat when she gets to “blood” *LOL* pretty sure this is the movie we were trying to figure out 😉

    1. Aaaaans she just said “danger” with the shaking throat thing 😉
      *keeps watching* forgot how much I loved this movie 😀

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