Find name of a movie.

+ It a film from Europe or America.

+ Plot

  • Film start with a Miss contest of a seaside town. The main character (the mother, maybe her name is Anna) and her husband, her son and his younger sister all attend this event. She’s lucky to win this, and when she receive her prize, the one handing out the prize also kiss her on the cheek. This start all the bad things of her life later.
  • The movie back to present time. The mother have become old, have last stage of cancer and soon going to die. The daughter go find the brother – the one had leave the home long ago – to go back and meet their mother for a last time. The movie continue with the flashbacks of the son with his mother and present day.
  • After the event, when the husband saw the picture when his wife being kissed at the event, plus the rumor of people around him, he become jealous and ond rainy night, he force his wife and his kid out of their home. The mother led her kid to a hotel to stay over night. Here, she meet a director. He suggest with her beautiful, she very suitable to become actor. In a attempt to find a new home for her child, she agree to become a minor actor on his film. And because she beautiful, all the men she meet happily help her with things. But then the rumors reappear. The son, though he still small but already understand things, so when he hear about that, he so sad angry. He hate all the men that come to his house to meet his mother but his sister still behave like any kid her age. But whatever he feeling, he and his sister still listen to whatever their mother say. One day, when their mother are filming, their dad come and take them away. But they still contact with their mother and one raining day, they get away with their mother again.
  • Time goes by. Now the kid are older. They stay in a house bought with the help of a lawyer. The son is in high school. But again, fate don’t leave him alone. One of his friend say he had sleep with the boy’s mother and call her a whore. They fight. The boy back home and suddenly realize his mother belly bigger than normal. She admit she having a baby with the lawyer and cry a lot, want the boy help to make her miscarriage. He then say something terrible, feeling disgusting with his mother. She slap him but apology right away. But it enough to the son, he left the house till now, when his sister go find him back to see their mom for a last time.
  • Near the end, the mom want to marry the one had been helping and love her all those years. The youngest brother, the one who almost have to die also come back to attend the wedding. Before the mother die, she and her two kid sat together, looking at the old picture when she receive the prize back then and sing their favorite song.

+ Sorry for the wall of text and maybe very bad english. Hope someone can find it. Thank in advance!

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