Old Kung Fu movie about pressure points

Hello, i’ve been trying to remember a very old movie that i watched as a very young child (i’m now 37). It is an old kung fu movie. I remember that the bad guy was using some unbeatable fighting style based on hitting pressure points of his opponents. And there was only one style that could beat him but it was like gone or forgotten or something. And the good guy accidentally (while drunk i think) found some old book or something hidden behind a furniture or something like that. And this was this forgotten style of five dragons or something similar. And i think then some ghost or something appeared to him to teach him this style. At the end there was a fight between good and bad guy and everyone was surprised that he knows the forgotten dragons style.

Thats pretty much all i remember from this movie. I’m guessing its from 70s 80s maybe, no idea, but old.

I really hope i can get help here, cause i’m looking for this movie pretty much all my life haha

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