Old-ish Chinese Movie with English Subtitles

I remember a movie where there is a boy who hates school and his family because his teachers shout at him and his father is always betting on horse races and his mother wants to play mahjong and his older brother only cares about studying. The boy has to entertain himself by playing video games and one day the boy finds a mystery disc in water and he picks it up and takes it home to play. Once he starts playing the game the entire house shakes, there is a huge gust of wind in his room and his tv goes berserk and water starts pouring out. His older brother goes into his room and tells him they have to leave but he wants to take some of his cards first. The cards were like pokemon cards or something? He is then sucked into the video game world along with his older brother and in this video game world there is a young kid who is good at fighting and wears a paper hat and some pirate who has a hook & eyepatch.

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