Old Horror Movie Scene… Breasts turn into devouring monsters?

As the title says, my only memory of these scene from a horror movie was very specifically about a bizarre scene where breasts turned into devouring monsters. I only vaguely recall a few other things about the scene/film.

It was in color.

It might have been foreign/english dubbed

I believe the scene shows a guy hopping into a bath and then the lady’s breasts turned into, as I remember, Critter-like heads that proceeded to attack him.

I don’t really remember much else about the movie other than I recall the cast of characters staying at some old house or mansion.

No idea when it was filmed but seemed like it could’ve been anywhere from the 60’s to 80’s.

I vaguely remember it being a feature movie for one of those horror host shows that I watched as a kid during the early/mid/or late 80’s.  Ala USA Network with Commander USA or Sammy Terry or Elvira.

No amount of Googling has turned anything up for me so far. Anyone know this film?

4 thoughts on “Old Horror Movie Scene… Breasts turn into devouring monsters?

    1. That is it! Thanks! I’ve thought about that movie off and on again throughout my teen and adult life just for being such a weird scene. Just couldn’t ever seem to find it based off the info I could remember/search engine limitations.

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