Old horror cult movie

hiyya I really need help finding this movie, I remember seeing it on tv (it’s 100% a movie) and there’s a certain song in it that has been bugging me to this day.

I saw the movie more than 6 years ago and it was all in English except a few words here and there in Spanish but I think I remember subtitles when it happened.

The movie starts with a young girl starting her period and being embarrassed and I believe her and the mom go to the bathroom to clean up the bed sheet that has some blood in it.

The mother is a Mexican woman and I believe the dad is white.

The daughter is kidnapped by the mother (though the father does not know about this) and the movie revolves around the father trying to get his daughter back, I think he figures early on that it’s some kind of cult thing.

The second to last thing I remember was, it was the mother who kidnapped her because the period was the start of something in the cult and I remember blood and chickens heads being cut off.

The last thing is the dad in a bus with the daughter and he wraps his arm around her and as the bus leaves the music that has been in my head starts and it rolls to credits.

If you listen to Orcarina of time: Gerudo Valley, it has a similar sound to that.

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  1. Here’s a link to the full movie, it’s very poor quality but at least you can hear the music playing at the end when they’re on the bus:

    1. Omg thank you so much!!!!!! I saw this movie on tv so long ago, I honestly wasn’t sure if it was a dream at this point because I asked so many people but no one had any idea what it was. That song always makes me sad for some reason lol

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