Brother Kills Twin and Others

We can remember very little about this old movie or it may have even been a series episode.  It’s an older movie, maybe from the 60’s, but the time setting is even earlier.  It’s sort of a “bad seed” theme, where there are two twin boys.  One is evil and kills his twin brother.  At some point, a baby is found dead in a pickle jar, and you know who must have done it.  This is the horrifying scene that sticks with us.  We cannot remember much else about it.  Hope you can help and thanks for trying.

4 thoughts on “Brother Kills Twin and Others

    1. That’s it! The Other from 1973 with Uta Hagen. I definitely remembered some of it wrong, such as Niles didn’t really kill his twin Holland, but you still solved it for me. Thanks again!

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