Old European Movie about a Boy

Ok, so all I remember from the movie is that near the beginning there’s a mother and her kid, or maybe it was two kids, and she’s trying to leave a courtyard (somewhere fenced). She’s threatened to return to her place or she’ll get shot. Can’t remember if she gets shot. Then the movie continues on about the child, I think? I remember a big warehouse/ storage place where all the boys hang out and work. Then near the end of the movie the boy almost gets raped, but he pushes the rapist into the wall, killing him (because there’s a hook, again I think).


I have no idea when I saw it; it was definitely awhile ago and even then it seemed old. I think it was in English, but if not, it was European, because it was all caucasians. I saw it on TV, but it was definitely a movie. I believe it was in colour, but it was sorta bad quality, because it was an old movie. It had a war movie kinda feel, maybe during World War II, though I’m not sure.

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  1. Midnight Express (1978)?

    It had a man about to be raped by a prison guard and he shoves him against a wall where a hook stabs him in the back of the neck, killing him. This happens near the end.

      1. Thanks for the fast response! I was a bit confused by the other part of your description, but maybe someone on here will remember it also.

  2. It’s a true story about an American college student who gets put into a Turkish prison. That scene you describe is an exact match even though the rest of the description does not.

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