movie where internet friends meet up to be killed

This movie is about like 5 or 7 girls that meet up at ones beachhouse. They spend time together and then go out for a “night without consequences.” After this each girl gets killed off one by one in various ways. When there is finally one girl left, it gives you the full story. Apparently the girls met online in a chat room where they were all talking about how they wanted to die but didn’t want to have to kill themselves. Then one girl (the remaining one) says that if they all meet up for a weekend that she will kill them while they are unsuspecting so that they don’t have to. After she fulfills her promise to each girl, she gets in a red (?) vehicle that has a tube running from the exhaust into the cracked window. She starts the car so that she commits suicide.

If any of you remember this movie please please please help!

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