Obscure exploitation horror


I only saw the very beginning of this movie (first ten minutes) back in 2013 on YouTube. It was one of those cheap (possibly american italian) exploitation horrors made in late 60s-70s.

It all took place in some kind of town/countryside and it was about  two guys who were sent to kill the infected/brainwashed citizens. It started with a scene where guy no.1 talked to guy no.2 over the phone. Guy no.2 was standing inside a phone booth and then one of the citizens attacked him.

Citizens wore blue jumpsuits and acted violently for whatever reason. I don’t know if it had to do something with some “alien mind-control” or an infection but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a zombie movie.

It was extra gory too. There was a scene where one of the guys sticked a machine gun through citizen’s chest and then started to shoot the other infected/brainwashed people.

I’d be really surprised if anyone can find this…

4 thoughts on “Obscure exploitation horror

  1. “Bad Taste” (1987)?

    It’s the debut film from the director of the Lord of the Rings movies, Peter Jackson! It involves men from a government agency going to a small town to kill aliens disguised a humans, and they’re all wearing blue shirts. It’s from New Zealand, not Italy, but it seems very foreign due to the fact that budget limitations forced them to post dub all the sound. Here is the full movie from YouTube, and you can see the scene where a character shoots a ‘blue shirt’ through the body of a dead blue shirt at about 19:15.

  2. How the hell did you find this? Well, thank you very much. I heard that name before, I just didn’t know it was a same movie. In my native language was the name of this movie translated as “Space Cannibals”.

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