New Tom and Jerry show episodes recently released

I wanna know the names of these 3 new Tom & Jerry show episodes.

One with the witch sisters where they change Tom’s mood and at one point, the lizard says: “Too Disney.” since he is given a Mickey Mouse look.

One with the 2 as detectives where they have to solve a crime involving a theft of a ruby stolen by two rival dogs: 1 male and 1 female who are descendants of dogs belonging to rival pirate captains and eventually become lovers that get married in the end.

One with a cat drinking a Hyde potion that turns Jerry and his nephew, Nibbles into monsters at the very end of the episode.

4 thoughts on “New Tom and Jerry show episodes recently released

  1. “Spike Gets Schooled”?

    “Cat’s Ruffled Furniture”?

    “Sleep Disorder”?

    “Tom’s In Tents Adventure”?

    “Feline Fatale”?

    “Cat Nippy”?

    “Holed Up”?

    “One of a Kind”?

    “Belly Achin'”?

    “Dog Daze”?

    “Vampire Mouse”?

    “Entering and Breaking”?

    “Franken Kitty”?


    “Haunted Mouse”?


    “What a Pain!”?

    “For the Love of Ruggles”?

    “Sleuth or Consequences”?

    “Dinner Is Swerved”?

    “Bottled Up Emotions”?

    “Turn About”?


    “Top Cat”?

    “Mummy Dearest”?

    “Domestic Kingdom”?

    “Molecular Breakup”?

    “Just Plane Nuts – Part 1”?

    “Pets Not Welcome – Part 2”?

    “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ – Part 3”?

    “Road Trippin’ – Part 4”?

    “Magic Mirror”?

    “Bone Dry”?

    “Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide”?


    “No Brain, No Gain”?

    “Cat Napped”?

    “My Bot-y Guard; Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide”?

    “Black Cat”?

    “Hunger Strikes”?


    “Ghost Party”?


    “Curse Case Scenario”?

    “Say Cheese”?

    “Dental Case”?

    “Picture Imperfect”?

    “One-Way Cricket”?

    “Slinging in the Rain”?

    “Squeaky Clean”?

    “Tough Luck Duck”?

    “The Paper Airplane Chase”?

    “Round Tripped”?

    “Smitten with the Kitten”?

    “Cheesy Ball Run”?

    “Say Uncle”?

    “Slaphappy Birthday”?

    “Here Come’s the Bribe”?

    “Tuffy’s Big Adventure”?

    “Dragon Down the Holidays”?

    “Big Top Tom”?

    “Reward If Lost”?

    “Build a Beast”?

    “To Kill A Mockingbird”?

    “From Nuts to Soup”?

    “No Fly Zone”?

    ” X Marks the Thumpin'”?

    “Charity Case”?

    “Duck, Duck, Loose”?

    “Dandy Do-Gooders”?

    “Shadow Boxin'”?

    “Baby Blues”?

    “Life’s a Beach”?

    “Meanie Genie”?

    “Flea Bitten”?

    “I Quit”?

    “The Art of the Deal”?

    “Hiccup and Away”?


    “You Can’t Handle the Tooth”?

    “Pain for Sale”?

    “Downton Tabby”?

    “Growing Pains”?

    “Toodle Boom”?

    “Bringing Down the House”?

    “Return to Sender”?

    “Jerry Rigged”?

    “The Art of War”?

    “Pillow Case”?

    “Home Insecurity”?

    “The Tail of Two Kitties”?

    “Vanishing Creamed”?

    “Unhappily Married After”?

    “Splinter of Discontent”?

    “Forget Me Not”?

    “In the Beginning”?

    “Uncle Pecos Rides Again”?

    “Out With the Old”?

    “Tic Tyke-Do’h”?

    “Tom and Jerry-Geddon”?

    “No Strings Attached”?

    “Move It or Lose It”?

    “Wing Nuts”?

    “Cat Dance Fever”?

    “Hunger Games”?

    “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”?

    “Missing in Traction”?

    “Funnel Face”?

    “Dirty Rat”?

    “Cat-titude Adjustment”?

    “Pinch Hitter”?

    “Fight in the Museum”?

    “Kitten Grifters”?

    “School of Hard Knocks”?

    “Cat-a-Tonic Mouse”?

    “Brain Food”?

    “Wish Bone”?

    “Going Going Gone Viral”?

    “The Tortoise Don’t Play Fair”?

    “Fish Out of Water”?

    “Cat Match Fever”?

    “Cold Snap”?

    “Novel Idea”?

    “Someone’s In the Kitchen With Mynah”?

    “When You Leash Expect It”?

    “Don’t Cut the Cheese”?

    “Calamari Jerry”?


    “Drone Sweet Drone”?

    “Home Away From Home”?

    “From Riches to Rags”?

    “Chew Toy”?

    “Live and Let Diet”?

    “Auntie Social”?

    “A Snootful”?

    “Lame Duck”?

    “It’s All Relative”?

    “Vegged Out”?

    “Frown and Country”?

    “Lost Marbles”?

    “Vocal Yokal”?

    “Hamster Hoopla”?

    “Tuff Shooting”?

    “Anger Mismanagement”?

    “Vampire State”?

    “It Ain’t Over Until The Cat Lady Sings”?

    “Eggstra Credit”?

    “Costume Party Smarty”?

    “Battle of the Butlers”?

    “Kid Stuff”?

    “Stolen Heart”?

    “The Last Laugh”?

    “The Invisible Cat”?

    “Eagle Eye Jerry”?

    “Catching Some Zs”?


    “You Are What You Eat”?

    “Not My Tyke”?

    “Everyone Into The Pool”?

    “A Head for Science”?

    “Cat Cop”?

    “Dis-Repair Man”?

    “Double Dog Trouble”?

    “Hockey Jockeys”?

    “Hyde And Shriek”?

  2. List of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014 TV series) episodes –

    1st Episode – Maybe, “Hiccup and Away”

    Tom sobers and the witches force him into the dark forest to scare himself and free himself from sobbing. But what he did not know was that the witches asked for Jerry’s help to follow him and use their magic wand to create several scares for Tom along the way.

    2nd Episode – “Curse Case Scenario”

    An unlucky dog named Dutch goes to Detectives Tom and Jerry, saying that a ruby stone he has been guarding from his great grandfather’s master pirate “Captain Wrongway Weston” is taken from a female dog named Roxy, who is also unlucky.

    3rd Episode – Hyde And Shriek”

    Tom, Jerry and Tuffy meets a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde cat.

    1. You were right about the 2nd and 3rd but the 1st one don’t think so. The 1st one had no hiccups involved in it.

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