New Age Police force for freedom and peace movie

Hi! I need some help in figuring out a movie that I only saw a glimpse of a narrated scene. I need to know the title because I want to watch this movie.

Anyway, I believe it is a bit of a futuristic movie. Probably released between 2005 – 2014.

The scene that I saw is narrating about a new world order where there are people in futuristic clothes. Then, there is a scene (Still narrated by a female voice) with running people that are new age police. These police force is highly trusted in their community because they fight for peace and freedom. They are good at combat and so on.

Another scene is when these new age police force, all wearing black overalls (I think), are climbing up on a building’s facade with just their bare hands. I think the building’s color is orange or red.

And that is all I remember. Please Help! 🙂

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