Neo Sci-Fi/Roleplay, Brain Implant Rebellion Movie?



I hope that anyone who sees this might be able to help me figure out the title of the movie describe below. Cheers!


Movie description:

There is a separate sector of the population, where people have (brain) implants that force them to be controlled. Normal or rich people, I can’t remember, use these controlled people to role-play or do crazy stuff like kill and have sex.

I remember there being a main character who tries to rebel and break free, I believe he “woke-up” and was aware of all of the fucked up shit people were doing around him.

There was also a pretty vivid scene with an overly obese and disgusting fat guy in a semi-futuristic gaming chair, in a dark (matrix like) greenish hued room. He was watching and controlling a person, I believe he was roleplaying/using a hot girl. It was pretty disturbing and maybe he was eating as well.

That’s pretty much the gist of what I remember! I hope this is enough to spark someone’s memory.


Thank you,

Evan C. Navarro

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