Need to find a film about a doctor

Film have a doctor, he help save people as any other doctor, but after that he will kill another one and he call that a fair exchange. One day, he go to a hội chợ and meet a girl – she was born in a rich family but a fire burn it all away, and though she used to be very beautiful (she also have big blue eyes) but now her face have scars from burning of that fire, her body have alot other scar from burning or being hit – the doctor decide to buy her. She very weak at that time, but slowly recover. The doctor think she better because he kill peoples, so he kill more and start falling in love with her. The killing not go unnoticed, so a detective was sent to investigate.
The girl is weak and mentally unstable because the hitting and the burn so she very scare to meet other people. The doctor then find a way, he made a slidable panel (or something like that) on the door, so the outsider can only see half the face of the person inside – half the still beautifull face of the girl.
The detective come to meet the doctor because he the only doctor in the area to investigate and discover the girl locked away, so he start to suspicion. He wait till the doctor get out to try sneak in and lure the girl go outside but the doctor sudden come back. He tell the detective the girl are in treaments, and the detective believe it and later often pass by to talk with the girl.
After a time he fall in love with the girl too, and this make the doctor very angry. Before he make quick kill but now he make it a mess. This make the detective see him as the prime suspect because all the cut are so precision, and the girl also tell him the doctor also behave different. The two decide to get away together, but adter saw her face, the detective run away, make the girl attemp to suicide but the doctor interfere, he even cut his own face and said somthing like “If this scar can heal the wound in your body and soul, it is worth it”.

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