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Need to find an Chinese/Taiwan/Hong Kong film.

It a color movie, maybe from around 1995-2005, from either Chinese or Taiwan or Hong Kong.

It about a vacation in a city for the father (engineer or the like, left home to work far away) and his son (from the village) after years away of each other. They fight, argue… because they can’t understand each other after years away, but then gradually bond together. Then in the end they reveal the truth: they are both paid actors, hired to perform the role since the ones they try to be already dead, but no one have the courage to tell the other side the sad news, and the vacation is made beforehand (kind of work condition).

Film about an humanoid predator

The film start with a boy run to a small town to find a doctor to help his village deep in the forest. A man (or group) go with him, and when he come he discover something more sinister. The village seem primitive, as when the boy come back he then change back to his normal loincloth as everyone else (before he dress in short and shirt when he go find the doctor). Something try to kill them one by one. It turn out that some kind of humanoid monster can turn invisible are responsibility for this. They fought, and in the end able to kill it near a lake (or river) by bait it go to there to reveal it from it’s invisible ability. (if i recall correctly they kill it with a rocket launcher)

Need to find a film about a doctor

Film have a doctor, he help save people as any other doctor, but after that he will kill another one and he call that a fair exchange. One day, he go to a hội chợ and meet a girl – she was born in a rich family but a fire burn it all away, and though she used to be very beautiful (she also have big blue eyes) but now her face have scars from burning of that fire, her body have alot other scar from burning or being hit – the doctor decide to buy her. She very weak at that time, but slowly recover. The doctor think she better because he kill peoples, so he kill more and start falling in love with her. The killing not go unnoticed, so a detective was sent to investigate.
The girl is weak and mentally unstable because the hitting and the burn so she very scare to meet other people. The doctor then find a way, he made a slidable panel (or something like that) on the door, so the outsider can only see half the face of the person inside – half the still beautifull face of the girl.
The detective come to meet the doctor because he the only doctor in the area to investigate and discover the girl locked away, so he start to suspicion. He wait till the doctor get out to try sneak in and lure the girl go outside but the doctor sudden come back. He tell the detective the girl are in treaments, and the detective believe it and later often pass by to talk with the girl.
After a time he fall in love with the girl too, and this make the doctor very angry. Before he make quick kill but now he make it a mess. This make the detective see him as the prime suspect because all the cut are so precision, and the girl also tell him the doctor also behave different. The two decide to get away together, but adter saw her face, the detective run away, make the girl attemp to suicide but the doctor interfere, he even cut his own face and said somthing like “If this scar can heal the wound in your body and soul, it is worth it”.

Find name of a movie.

+ It a film from Europe or America.

+ Plot

  • Film start with a Miss contest of a seaside town. The main character (the mother, maybe her name is Anna) and her husband, her son and his younger sister all attend this event. She’s lucky to win this, and when she receive her prize, the one handing out the prize also kiss her on the cheek. This start all the bad things of her life later.
  • The movie back to present time. The mother have become old, have last stage of cancer and soon going to die. The daughter go find the brother – the one had leave the home long ago – to go back and meet their mother for a last time. The movie continue with the flashbacks of the son with his mother and present day.
  • After the event, when the husband saw the picture when his wife being kissed at the event, plus the rumor of people around him, he become jealous and ond rainy night, he force his wife and his kid out of their home. The mother led her kid to a hotel to stay over night. Here, she meet a director. He suggest with her beautiful, she very suitable to become actor. In a attempt to find a new home for her child, she agree to become a minor actor on his film. And because she beautiful, all the men she meet happily help her with things. But then the rumors reappear. The son, though he still small but already understand things, so when he hear about that, he so sad angry. He hate all the men that come to his house to meet his mother but his sister still behave like any kid her age. But whatever he feeling, he and his sister still listen to whatever their mother say. One day, when their mother are filming, their dad come and take them away. But they still contact with their mother and one raining day, they get away with their mother again.
  • Time goes by. Now the kid are older. They stay in a house bought with the help of a lawyer. The son is in high school. But again, fate don’t leave him alone. One of his friend say he had sleep with the boy’s mother and call her a whore. They fight. The boy back home and suddenly realize his mother belly bigger than normal. She admit she having a baby with the lawyer and cry a lot, want the boy help to make her miscarriage. He then say something terrible, feeling disgusting with his mother. She slap him but apology right away. But it enough to the son, he left the house till now, when his sister go find him back to see their mom for a last time.
  • Near the end, the mom want to marry the one had been helping and love her all those years. The youngest brother, the one who almost have to die also come back to attend the wedding. Before the mother die, she and her two kid sat together, looking at the old picture when she receive the prize back then and sing their favorite song.

+ Sorry for the wall of text and maybe very bad english. Hope someone can find it. Thank in advance!

Need to find a film about Father and son

+ I saw it around 2006-2010, so it must be made before 2010.

+ It likely from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan

+ Plot: The father was impulsive and idling without doing any work, he destroyed the family. His wife married to another man and his son, who was with him, is forced to live a life to shun from the creditors. The father raised the son in the way he thought was the best for him, yet when the two was helpless, the son stole a watch from his classmate’s home for tempura resolution – and this marked the beginning of his life as a theft. When the son was finally caught, the father left him alone. The reunion was in the jail cell, where the son loosed his temper, bit the father’s ear while crying. This was when the father realized how much his son had suffered, the pain, despair, and resentment. The son grew up deciding not to be anyone like his father. He went back to return the first watch he’d stolen, at the same time thinking of the good old times with his father. Knowing his father was still alive, he looked from afar at the old man who once bought him endless suffer, but also the childhood memory, when they were both on the same bike, and he leaned against his father’s back, singing along the way and picking wild flowers.