music turned them into animals?

I’ve all but forgotten this scene: I remember some kids, a boy and a girl, I think brother and sister, went with an older grandfatherly/wizard type figure into a church/school (pretty sure it was made of stone). In the top of a tower, I think, they played a harp and the beautiful light and music turned the kids into animals. Unsure but I think I remember a dog and or bird.

I’ve brought this up on other sites once in a while before, and everyone insists I’m remembering the Animorphs TV show, but that doesn’t explain the music or stained-glass magic type flowy colors in the air I’m remembering. I’ve also considered Pagemaster, but that doesn’t explain the animals or the other kid. I would’ve seen this when I was a little girl (it’s 2014 and I’m 26), but I don’t know if it was a movie or TV. I remember it being live action, but I could be wrong of course.

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  1. I know the movie your talking about, unfortunately, I too do not remember the name. It had a boy, whose parents are kidnapped or something, and he meets an old man in a church who gives him the power to turn into a dog by playing a glass armonica (that’s the scene with the colors and sounds). I feel like some agent-types were keeping his folks captive. That’s all I remember.

  2. Could possible be “Babine?” I haven’t seen it in ages, so I don’t remember a lot of details, and it’s in Canadian French, which I don’t speak, so I might have missed some of the plot elements. But I do remember the young boy being befriended by an older priest, and they hang out in the high parts of a church. The boy plays a harmonica.

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