Movies about a Seal, a talking radio and an invisible man

I have three movies to ask about:  First One: Movie where a woman is a seal but like when she is on land she is human, I think a man got seal skin and made her human but when she goes into the sea on a rock she turns back into a seal, she marry the man but in the end when the man wasnt looking she went in the sea and turned back into a seal and it was when she turned into the seal he saw her.     (SOLVED: The Seventh Stream)

Second One: A man bought a radio off the streets and when he went home the radio starts talking to him and told him where someone hid some money but it’s like the radio is evil , in the end like the radio told someone else about the money and the person killed him and took it.( It’s not frequency or radio) I watched it on YouTube but forgot the name of it.                                                                                                 Third One: A man had a crush on his neighbour and he would look at her through his apartment window, it’s like he wish he could go in her apartment so he did something to himself to make himself visible so he could go in her apartment to have sex with her, it’s like him or someone else did an experiment to himself to make himself invisible (SOLVED: Hollow Man)

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  1. First one sounds like it may be Neil Jordan’s Ondine, based on an Irish folktale. The half-human/half-seal is called a selkie. There are a number of selkie movies but Ondine seems closest to what you describe.

    1. Alex :Thanks , that’s it, Brad: not it but thanks, HL: yours seem like the one I described but I’m not sure, I would have to watch the full movie to know so I will get back to u, GG: not it but thanks, I think the man in it is black, if I watch the trailer or so I will be able to recognize it, it’s not really a horror or scary movie. Brad: thanks for reminding me that’s it’s called selkie, the selkie in the one u suggest is much younger than the one I described.

      1. Thanks for responding! After thinking it over I think HBL’s suggestion is probably correct. Do give it a watch and let us know if that’s it. 🙂

        1. HL: it’s not it , the one I described is called ( The Seventh Stream) starring Scott Glenn and Saffron Burrows, maybe I didn’t describe it well, didn’t remember most of the parts but yes it is the seventh stream movie but Thanks for trying.

    1. Admin: I found the name of the first one by accident while looking for the one HB suggested, it’s called (the seventh stream) I saw the picture of the lady who is the Selkie.

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