movie with vampire children

Hello. I am trying to track down a movie that was probably made in the mid to late seventies, or perhaps a bit later. It is set in the Victorian time frame, probably in England. It aired on television in America in the early 1980s.

The plot is something along the lines of this: There is a man who fosters children with the intent of sacrificing them–perhaps in some sort of evil ritual, to gain riches or immortality. This man lives in a mansion and has a few servants. He takes in one child at a time, and it is implied that the previous children have run away.

He takes in a boy, perhaps 10 years old. The boy is enjoying his new life, but then vampire children keep appearing to him and he is terrified! The vampire children have long pointed fingernails, pale skin, and dark circles around their eyes. By some trick of costuming, make-up, or camera, the children appear to be filmed black-and-white although the rest of the movie is in color. The housekeeper tries to tell him it is his imagination. The boy finally figures out they are trying to warn him to run away, and he manages to barely escaped being sacrificed. Because he is not killed, the man becomes weak and the vampire children are able to destroy him.

This movie has a similar production feel and color palette as the older Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes TV show that was made in the 1980s, although it was made before that.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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