Movie with killing bad guys

A movie starring Clive Owen where he spends most of the time killing bad guys working for a boss played by Paul Giamatti who want to kill a baby belonging to parents they probably killed and is now left in the care of the protagonist’s girlfriend played by Monica Belluci.

In the end, despite the bad guy breaking the good guy’s fingers, he still manages to kill him and the last of his men and some robbers at a store using a gun and carrot I think.

9 thoughts on “Movie with killing bad guys

    1. Oh! You think it’s that easy, do you? – To look up a film when you know all 3 of the main actor’s names? Don’t you get that Olivier Baghdadi is perpetually under (self-induced) pressure!? He’s told us enough times how important he is! 😉

      1. I don’t understand the meaning of that word “self-induced”. Can u explain to me the meaning, please?

        Btw, when did I say how important I am too?

  1. I’m teasing, Olivier. But it would have been quicker for you just to enter those three names in Google. It would have popped right up and you’d have your answer much sooner.

    No need to argue, though. This is a happy place!

    1. @irtmadmin Ok, but please, don’t ever tease me again. The last thing I need are people teasing me in my life.

      First, my 2 older ex-brothers, then some school bullies, then some school teachers, then school principals, and now, this.

      1. I would love nothing more than to find this for you, but I could not find anything when I researched it. Please don’t give up though, I’ve solved movie questions that were 5 years old before, sometimes through sheer luck!

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