Movie with haunted doll

Dearchig for a thriller/horror movie I saw on television in the 1970s.  I believe it was late 196os or early 70s and was in color.

– Film was in English and color – I watched it around 1977.

– main actress had long straight blonde hair, was quite slight and pale – was in late teens, 16, 17, 18.

– She was in a rowboat wearing a straw boating hat, blue and white dress and a young man kissed her – made romantic overtures to which she was open

– a following scene showed her alone in a bedroom with a Victorian china doll. The girl was bothered by a threatening and angry woman’s voice in her head scolding her for allowing a man to touch her.  The voice was the dolls.

– after being scolded by the doll,  I recall the girl murdered the young man who had been in the boat with her. I think she stabbed him to death.

– at the end of the film, a woman is narrating as though someone is reading a letter she has written to them.  During the closing scen the blonde girl has become very distraught and run up to the attic of her house where she begins desperately shearing off her long hair with scissors.  As she completes cutting her hair, the narrator reads that the mother  of this ‘girl’ had actually given birth to a boy.

– I thought for a long time that the girl/boy was played by Sissy Spasek.  Unfortunately, I cannot find such a film in her filmography.

thank you for helping me with this 🙂

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