Movie with evil muder doctor coming out tv

I never actually saw this movie, my grandma had the dvd and the dvd cover scared me a lot as a kid, when I was older I decided to read the back description and this is what I remember from it; I think teenagers where throwing a party, it was like a girl and her sister maybe (im really not sure) they find a tape and watch it, or maybe the tv was cursed,. Anyway basically there’s these two monster guys that come out of the tv (or maybe it’s a horror film and it starts becoming real) one of the guys (from the image on the back) was red (or had red lighting) and had one of those surgeon things on his head. The other guy was blue. They were pretty freaking looking but they weren’t monster monsters, they looked like people but with makeup (masks) to make them look really crazy and scary (sort of like a clown)

I don’t think this was a very popular film, I don’t even know if it was American, my grandma can’t remember either. Can anyone help

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