Movie where a girl stabs herself after seeing cockroaches in her kitchen?

All I remember was seeing this scene from what I believe was a movie, I would say about 13 years ago or so (I was probably 5-6 years old when I saw this scene so I apologize for vagueness). In this scene there was a girl, who may have been in her 20’s or 30’s, and she went into her kitchen during the night and saw a bunch of cockroaches scurrying around so she took a giant knife from a drawer (may have been a knife holder) and screamed something like “I can’t take this anymore!” and then stabbed herself.


That’s all I really remember unfortunately as I was so young but for some reason that scene has been popping into my head from time to time over the years since I saw that (probably because I was scarred by it) and I just kind of want closure, I guess?

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