Movie title please its driving me nuts

I have been trying to remember this movie that i saw recently. It was english movie and i just remember bits and pieces from it. A scene i remember is that they catch a girl from the bad guys and they handcuff her to a hospital bed and she says she will only talk to the agent she had an encouter with earlier. I remember the agent comes and sees her handcuffed to the hospital bed and they show her sexy legs first and then he rescused her from there by going sort of rogue because the bad guys are also after her to kill her because of the information on some nuclear weapons or something. Another thing i remember is she meets agent again at a party of this bigshot it was beachy sort of a place mansion and they are there to steal the same thing and that agents gf is also there and his gf probably does not know he is an agent or whatever and in the end that bad girl helps him stop the nuclear weapon sale or something and take down the bad guys i remember that last scene happening in a theater or opera sort of a place. Any of this ring a bell?

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