movie that kinda gave me childhood trauma?


in 2014ish, i watched an animated movie on netflix with my mom. it was in color (not very bright mind you, the hues were all very dingy. it couldve been nighttime the whole movie), but was kind of abstract in how i dont remember characters talking a whole lot. the art style of the animation was sort of like how Cartoon Saloon’s films have looked (secret of kells, song of the sea, breadwinner.)

the scenes i remember all focus on this one larger looking guy who was balding and had a maroonish shirt on, dont remember his pants. theres also this other motherly looking lady, and i think she had a kid and she was protecting them most of the film from this guy, probs the father.

first scene took place in some sort of room. the mom is trying to back away from the (abusive?) dad and cant escape for some reason, and the scene is then shown from her perspective and how she really sees him. the guys body is transformed into an octopus lower half, the same shade of maroon as his shirt. he gets up on her without her consent (also seeing her clear disgust and liking it) and she cant do anything because shes being smothered by his huge octopus form and tentacles. i dont know what happens after that.

the other scenes i remember are much less  clear. in one, i remember the dad guy and another dude sneaking around a house they probably broke into in the pitch dark. that scene was really hard for me to follow as a kid cause of that. the last scene was of the dad guy jumping off what i remember to be a construction crane or like, the eiffel tower maybe? he dies from the fall, but i dont think it was a purposeful jump. there mightve also been a scene right before that where he transformed into some godzilla type of monster too.

thanks in advance!

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