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It is a movie like “the hot spot’ (1990). The main character in this scene is an evil girl. In this scene this girl is in a secluded, kinda ruined house in the woods, with a black guy. They are enemies. The girl traps the guy in a small cell, removes the cooking gas pipe, starts a small fire and escapes. Before the guy can make it out of the cell and stop the fire, it explodes. Cops and other people arrive later and watch the big fire from a distance. One of them knows that the girl could have done it but is not sure.

That’s all I remember. I am not even sure if it was a movie or a TV show. I first thought it was from “the hot spot” but I re-watched the movie, it was not. Then I thought it could have been from TV show “supernatural” but cannot find it there either. If anyone remembers this scene, please tell me where is it from. Thanks in advance.

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