Movie name?

The movie is possibly happening in france or belgium as i remember the language spoken. A farmer lives in a small village with other quirky villagers like his best friend who is a hairdresser and paints a customers hair blue. There is a guy with no legs rolling around the village on a skateboard. The farmer falls for a blonde city girl and wants to later find her. When theythe come to the city they stay with a friend who’s roommate is a black stoner. They end up at a house party where the hairdresser guy eats a bunch of ecstasy pills thinking they are painkillers. He then proceeds to give a lanp a hairstyle makeover. The blonde girl has an asshole boyfriend with a red convertable.thanks for the help?

One thought on “Movie name?

  1. I’m trying to remember this movie name about a teenage boy in the living in the forest. I remember him wearing animal fur, zip lining, I would think this is an 1970/1980’s movie.

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