movie involving magic

I never actually saw this live-action movie but I remember seeing a trailer of it on Cartoon Network once a few years ago. It was live-action. The only thing I remember is that 2 magic people, one man and one girl (the man being played by Rowan Atkinson) suddenly appear by magic in front of a boy but behind his parents. The boy tells his parents to look behind them at what he saw but they are nowhere to be found and seen, which further implies that only the boy can see them. Later, they appear again by magic when he’s alone.

Please, let me know ASAP.

2 thoughts on “movie involving magic

    1. 1) I did try IMDb at first. No luck.

      2) Wifi is very bad in my country.

      3) I’m a bit sick. Not COVID-19, mind you.

      4) If you know the movie’s name, tell me.

      5) There is no need for profanity. Other than the fact that it isn’t allowed here on this site.

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