Movie I saw on tv a long time ago

The movie focused around a single father and his daughter. The daughter was gonna perform at a school show and wanted the father to perform with her, but he was having problems and didn’t know if he could make it. Ya know you’re usual plot. But in the end of the movie he was able to make it to the performance and started singing and acting what I think was a Sweeney Todd musical or something really similar to it cause the play ended with one of them cutting the throat of an old man. everyone was shocked but they clapped cause this very young girl decided to do a dark play.

there were also 3 old men who were like friends of the father or related to him or something. They were probably in their 60s. They were in the play too and helping the girl practice for her play.

I think the dad had a love interest but I doubt it since the story revolved around the growing bond between the father and daughter. They were having familial trouble because the mom divorced or moved away or died or something (I think. I only really remember the ending with the play.)

4 thoughts on “Movie I saw on tv a long time ago

    1. oh my god thank you… I’ve been looking for this movie for the past few years and It’s been driving me crazy thank you so much

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