Movie I saw in the early 2000s

I’ll admit I was a kid when I saw it but I remember this very clearly.

The movie opening had your typical unpopular girl with short-ish black hair and glasses, and she was going in to take her yearbook photo taken. the photographer kept on mispronouncing her name and she was correcting him, and that’s when he decided to take a pic of her. Then when the students got the photos back she was being bullies by the popular girls with all long blonde hair.

there was also a scene where she was stuffing tissue down her bra and she was caught by her parents, or just the mom.

this movie definitely had a late 90s early 2000s feel to it.

2 thoughts on “Movie I saw in the early 2000s

    1. it looks like it? But when I remember the movie the main girl had a different first name, so I’m not positive that that’s it….

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