Movie I saw in philosophy class 3 years ago

This whole movie is suspense- it has a feel of waiting, waiting, waiting.  A bunch of folks are visiting some house on an island and they get some phone call or message saying the bomb will drop on them in a few hours- not enough time to leave the island. Everyone is freaked out and waiting for death, but this one guy heard a rumour that his house-keeper is a witch; a dream or something tells him to go sleep with her and all will be set right. He goes across the island at night to his house-keeper’s house. It turns out she doesn’t have any electricity or anything, so she doesn’t know about the bomb warning, and the man can’t seem to speak when she asks why he’s there. She says something to the effect that the mistress of the house must have driven him out (the mistress is kind of a bitch).  He ends up staying and sleeping with her without explaining the real reason. The next day it’s like the last day never happened.

I think the opening scene of this movie had an old man on a bicycle going through several fields of wheat or grain. There might have been a part where the old man and a young boy plant a tree.

There is a scene before they know about the bomb, where the house-keeper comes and tells the Mistress that she’s finished her work and asks permission to go home. The mistress says Yes, but then proceeds to give her three more things to do. The house-keeper repeats back the three things, and says “then I may go” like a statement, not a question.

The whole movie has a very dark atmosphere, so it feels like black-and-white, but I’m fairly certain that it was actually in color. It seems to be set in the 1950’s to 1970’s, somewhere in Europe. It may be French or Italian or English, I can’t remember now. It felt like a really long movie- everything was really drawn out.

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    1. That’s it! Wow, I literally searched for it for hours… It’s funny that out of all the scenes in that movie I didn’t remember the burning house scene. That would’ve helped a bit. Thanks for your help! 🙂

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