Movie from the 90s

if anyone could tell me this movie I would be so grateful! It’s been driving me crazy not knowing the title for years !

Ok so I remember watching a movie when I was little in the 90s and I remember there was a girl , I think she wasn’t too well off  , anyways , she had a friend and the friend invited her to her bday party . So prior to the party the girl saved up all this money in a jar or tub and bought a doll for her friend as a gift. So she went to the party and the bDay girls mother opened the door and told the girl that there was no space for her at the party and she couldn’t come in( the mother was lying) So the girl ended up sitting on some grass and watched the party from a distance. I remember she got mud on her dress from where she was sitting on the grass coz she went back home and told her mother she had a great time at the party and told her mother all the games they played and she told her mother that the mud stain was ice cream.

This is all I can remember !

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