Movie from the 80s. f.h.i ??

possibly a kids movie that started with the writing out of f.h.i. cant remember the letters exactly, but definitely know “f” is one of them.  What i remember…. movie opens up inside a family home, people are busy (parents im guessing) kids are running about doing what they’re told. maybe grandparents are coming to visit. one of the younger siblings is listening to something with headphones on. i want to say a toy comes to life and  needs  the kids help finding something/someone. the next thing i remember is seeing them going up the side of a mountain( like on a trail on the side of a rocky mountain) older kids helping the younger ones along possibly with a toy/stuffed animal leading the way. then i remember the kids being back at home in time for grandma.  i would appreciate any help figuring this out. I’m 32 yrs old and this movie has been a nagging mystery for a while!!  American family.   in color.

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