Movie from my childhood and i just cant remember

As far as i know this movie came out around the same time the golden compass movie came out. I honestly don’t remember much but in one of the scenes there was this boy around his teens and a group of other teens were surrounding him . they were at a forest. my parents told me to close my eyes after but what i understand and remember from my peaking is that the teens killed the other teen boy and berried him (alive perhaps). Later on the boy wakes up thinking hes alive so he goes to class (the classroom had white walls in case it matters) he somehow realizes he isn’t really being noticed so he stands up and throws a book at the book shelf infront of the class. at first it does show as if he had thrown it but then it cuts back to where he is still standing up but the book is still on his desk and the book case didn’t get hit. That’s all i remember from that scene but i also remember another scene where hes walking on the side walk and he looks up he sees a man through a window staring back at him. Another scene which i don’t know if i should include cause it may be from another movie but i feel like it was this movie was when the boy sees a man who’s dying in one of the rooms of a hospital and the doctors are doing their zapping thing to get his heart going but he sees his blue colored soul leaving the body and all. i don’t know but if you guys can find this movie it would mean so much for my frustrated head trying to figure out this movie name. Thank you all.

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