Movie for my wife

My wife recently described a movie to me which she has been unable to find since it was taped over in 1999 approximately (by Hocus-Pocus apparently). It’s not much to go on but here goes:

  • She thinks it’s from the 90s, but could be from the 80s too. Most likely a tv movie, but really not sure.
  • The main actress has long dark hair and could be latino or perhaps Philippino/southeastern asian.
  • All I know about the premise is that she is a reserved woman who becomes a stripper (maybe grudgingly) and marries? a blind man at the end.
  • The only scene that she really recalls is one where the main character is strapped to a chair and blindfolded by a friend. The friend and her partner have sex while she is tied up to “loosen her up”/disinhibit her. A coming of age story of sorts I suppose.

And that’s all I have for now, none of which is definite as she was pretty young when she saw it. I’ll ask her to tell me about it again and maybe post more details later.

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