Movie Buff Cereal Eater

I rented this indie movie on Netflix disc sometime between 1997 and 2010.

Dont remember what it’s called or anyone in it.

About a week or so in the life of a lonely young man (Indian actor) who is a huge movie buff, he works at a video rental store, blogs his movie reviews, only eats cereal, and loves #DavidCronenberg.  He meets a girl on the bus who also loves Cronenberg, but finds out that she has a boyfriend.  His neighbor is an attractive, but bitchy blonde that he was attracted to until he discovers that she’s into disgusting sexual acts.  The movie ends with a fantasy sequence of his movie review blog going viral (before “viral” was a term) and he becomes an Internet sensation.  #namethatmovie #whatmovieisthis

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  1. YES!!!! Thank you Brad!! Wow… This has been bugging me for YEARS and it only took about an hour to solve on this site. holy crap… I can sleep again. lol

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