A woman her boyfriend and her stalker

Ok so i saw this movie on Pluto Tv i believe it was the Indies TV channel. When i turned it on this woman is beginning her dating relationship with a new boyfriend the further they date its revealed she has multiple personalities. She enjoys burning herself without a lighter for some reason. She also has a stalker who she catches outside of her apartment and she invites him in for tea. At one point the stalker saves her from being attacked when she is on a date with another guy, the stalker breaks into her apartment and calls her boyfriend for help. She and her new boyfriend go to his friends house for a dinner party where she gets into a awkward argument with the guests. The boyfriends friend turns out to be a psychiatrist and he tells her she needs professional help. She later breaks up with the boyfriend and gets hooked on drugs and the drug dealer films her having sex for drugs. I believe this was a independent movie as well. Every google search i do for this movie only returns “Split” or “Sybil”.

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