Three guys and a blond girl – Early 2000s rom com

I remember watching this rom com movie (rented on VHS cassette or DVD) circa early 2000s : three guys fall for the same blond girl (Gretchen Mol/January Jones look alike). In the beginning, I think the girl boards a plane. Along the movie, we see each of the guys point of view: how and why they fell for this particular girl. At some point in the movie, one of the guys confides in what he think is a therapist but is actually only a regular neighboor.

The movie is either american or british. It could be either late 90s or early 2000s. I remember 26-year-old self liked the movie a lot. Unfortunatly I don’t remember any actors in it, only the plot where three regular guys fall for this cute little bubbly blond girl.

Thanks for helping me track this movie 😉

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