Movie about young lady living in different decades

I saw this movie a couple of years ago on Netflix and I can’t remember the title or any of the actors. The movie is in English, and I don’t believe it had any famous cast members. I think I remember the plot fairly well. The main story is of a young girl living in different decades, 80s/90s. She is a young adult, blonde hair maybe? I remember a scene at sort of a nightclub location, another key setting is at a sort of beach house I believe, I also remember a car accident happening somewhere in the movie. The main character (the young blonde) is in love with another African American girl. At the end of the movie, you find out its all in someone’s head, an old lady (possibly memories or a simulation type thing) who lives in a nursing home by a beach. Really hoping someone can identify this for me, it’s driving me mad!

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