Movie about teenagers in a forest swimming. One dies when a rocks hit him in the rover

Hey there people. I’m from Argentina and I’m gladly that I discovered this wonderful site because know I can feel relief that I can finally know what was the name of a movie I remember seeing years ago. Please, any kind of help would be a lot appreciated and I’d be forever grateful to you.

Here we go : I can’t provide the whole details of the movie because I remember a small portion of it but I think it was focused on a small group of teenagers who were on a camping trip around the forest and rivers.

The movie could be american but I believe I’m more sure that it’s more likely European. In my country and perhaps in others too there is a channel named Europa Europa that broadscasts indie movies, national productions, europeans movies that of course are not well known in the whole world. If the movie was American it would be shown on American TV channels,  but of course it can’t be given the nature of the movie and that those are full of blockbusters and stars actions. I can’t remember if it was in English neither. But try looking for both sides (Europe/USA), I could be wrong too.

Well, this is the defining scene that I have on my mind for years : The memory is that in that movie scene those kids were having fun while swimming in the river, or maybe they were kayaking idk probably. They were in their swimming suits

One of these kids falls off the boat or was swimming when the current of the river gets too strongs and drift hims away. Then it shows how all the strenghts of the water makes him unable to fight and cracks his head against a big rock, showing the moment and how bloods stains the water in red. Finally the boys get to rescue him when but he’s washed ashore but nothing can’t be done because he passed away. The thing about this kid is that he was a fat guy.

Later on, time after they bury him in the mud of the shore and one girls place snails over the dirt and corpse as a way of honoring him. Truly emotional indeed

I believe I saw it almost 10 years ago, 10 or more. 2010-12. Movie can be from late 00s or just from the years I can tell, more probably. As I said before I will be grateful with u all. Im sorry that I took too much explaining and this might be long, but this is to make sure I know the name and to provide you with all the detail I can in hope of achieving it. Thank you

3 thoughts on “Movie about teenagers in a forest swimming. One dies when a rocks hit him in the rover

    1. Hey bro, I think thats the one!! Thanks a lot, it’s been years. I didn’t know the whole thing was a murder at all, more like at accident and even less I would’ve thought the fat kid was Josh Peck lol.
      You made my day, and keep doing these great work that u do. U are helping lot of people like me which is the best thing anyone can do.
      Thanks once, your Argentinian friend

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