Can’t remember the title of the Sci-Fi or futuristic action movie, remember only one scene

I remember only one scene that happens near the end, before final battle. The protagonist, the white man, enters some kinda building, where the main antagonist has a bath in a pool or jacuzzi with this antagonist’s girlfriend who is also dangerous. I remember this girl being naked but we can’t see any of her goodies, except for the butt maybe. Or it was the main protagonist who was in a pool with this girl, can’t say for sure. But it was the girl, she was naked in the pool or jacuzzi and she was dangerous. Then she comes out of a pool or jacuzzi and leaves naked. The main protagonist wins in the end, both his antagonist and the dangerous girl die.

Watched the movie in my childhood on TV in 2007-2010, so I assume, it is older. It was dubbed, so I don’t remember the language. Not comedic, it was a dark action movie. I think it was futuristic, something like “The 6th Day” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I can be wrong. That’s all i can remember so far.

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