Movie about strange monsters in a dome thing

This movie is about this research facility type of place where there is a huge container/underground wildlife park full of monsters. I remember this one guy taking kids on a field trip there and they look down and see that they are standing in worms. There are two overweight guys on a golf cart. There is a monster mosquito that gets into a guy’s hazmat suit. All the monsters break free. There is a yeti-like monster.

7 thoughts on “Movie about strange monsters in a dome thing

  1. Looking down at worms, golf cart (not sure about overweight guys in one, but there’s plenty of fat asses) and mosquito thing in the suit reminds me of Evolution.

  2. Yes, “Evolution”. The underground ecosystem all grew from a goo that arrived on a meteor that crashed into an underground cavern, and it went through rapid evolution. The worms were nematodes. A mosquito gets into a hazmat suit and under the skin.

  3. I’ll mark it as “Solved” and give Shelley the credit. Shelley’s not registered with the site yet though, so no official Solve points.

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