Japanese (I think) anime seen at 80’s, young warrior boy with sword must kill dragon

OK, this is my first movie to search :

I saw this anime around 1981, maybe (spanish TV, sorry), so is earlier, the movie seems to be very old. The boy have tipical “ninja powers”, a (magic?) sword and must to kill a big dragon or this dragon go to destroy the entire village, but I don’t sure about this. I don’t remember much from the movie, except the end :  The young boy understands that the dragon and he have a connection, so the boy cut their own throad to kill the dragon… Or something like that. I remember the scene when the body of the boy fall into a… Waterfalls ? I think this is correct, but I was 9 years old !!

Is not “Tatsu no ko Taro” (“Taro, the Dragon Boy“) nor “Shônen Sarutobi Sasuke” (“Magic Boy“)

Anyone ?

Thanks a lot

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Hi ! I'm a spanish guy that love movies. I have a few "fuzzies" movies into my memory and I'm found this site yesterday searching about them, through the site "366weirdmovies.com". And, of course, I hope I can help another people to find their almost forgotten movies, despite I don't have much free time.

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  1. Thanks for answer, but is not; these movies you say are very common and recent, I saw “my” movie in TV in 1981, so the movie are made before that and I don’t think is a very known movie. I think the movie come from the 70’s because the images I remember, but I’m not sure, maybe is older. Thanks anyway

  2. Well if that’s the case then it could be one of the early episodes of Dragon Ball, that came out in the 80’s.

  3. Obviously… Nop ! Dragon Ball is very known and launched after 1986. I think you are very young, Isn’t ? Below 33, I guess. I say this because your three movies are very common between “young” anime lovers. The anime from 70’s-early 80’s was… Different. In 70’s-80’s the manga/anime material was practically unknown in occident (TV, comics, etc). Tipical examples of 70’s-early 80’s anime series (in TV) : Ribbon no Kishi (Knight Princess, 1967), Majingâ Zetto (Mazinger-Z, 1974), Arupusu no shôjo Haiji (Heidi, 1974), Astroboy (1963), Kyandi Kyandi (Candy Candy, 1976), etc. Dragon Ball is too new and the style are very different. But Hey ! At least you tried it ! 🙂 Thanks again

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