Movie about kid who save friends

Ok, so this has been bugging me for the longest time. I only ever saw this movie when I was on a cruise ship years ago because it was the only movie they played. The premise is basically about a boy who was training for some kind of military/scouts type thing where they take all the kids into the woods to go camping. Or something like that, I honestly can’t remember what it was supposed to be. But basically, this kid fails the tryout and doesn’t make the cut, so he can’t go. So he sneaks out and decides to join them anyways in secret. While there, all the other kids on the camping trip get kidnapped by two bumbling type villains. So this kid has to save all of his friends. It’s a generic type kids movie from either the 90’s or early 200’s.

2 thoughts on “Movie about kid who save friends

    1. IMDb synopsis:
      “A young boy, who has stowed away on a camping trip for the school wilderness club, must use his wits in order to rescue the club from a pair of kidnappers.”


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