Movie about insects possessing humans.


I remember watching a movie a long time ago, maybe like 15 years, not sure. The movie was in color and the picture quality seemed like it was from around 2000 or 1990 as far as i remember. I dont remember any actor names or famous faces.

It definitely had at least two episodes so I am not sure if it was a two parter of a movie, a mini series or a tv show. I saw it in my own language (Slovak) on tv.

I know it was something about insects mind controlling people. There was a group of humans who were trying to stop it. I remember scenes where the people crawled through something that looked like a meat grinder (it was probably a log chipper but it was all bloody i think.) also a scene where one man from the group said he was going to buy weapons but he only brought knives. Another member had a grenade i think.  Another member from the group had a relationship with a woman who became infested too. Later there was a scene where an infested human was stuffing a huge larva into another human through his mouth. In another scene the humans used smoke to sort of “turn off” the infested humans, stating that smoke has that effect on insects. It was a horror of course.

I dont know in which order these scenes happened.


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  1. “Final Days of Planet Earth” (2006 TV mini series)?

    It was a 2 part miniseries that played on the Hallmark channel. You can watch it on YouTube.

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